What catches students’ attention?

If I knew the universal answer to this question, I would surely post it here, but alas, there are many things to catch students’ attention …. and many ways not to.

However, yesterday I covered in grade 3.a all day long and as their science/social studies teacher, I took the opportunity to start on our unit on experiments and the scientific method.

A simple provocation: A question!

What is an experiment?

I didn’t even expect the class to be as engaged as they were… they shared ideas, thoughts and wonderings. They talked about experiments they had seen, heard of or even tried themselves.

After the first session, I expected them to be eager to continue today but I was amazed by the enthusiasm displayed: Some students talked to adults and consulted books about experiments, took notes and collected questions at home.

I’m thrilled and I hope that many of my approaches will keep them engaged! I will keep you posted!

A quick note: I work at a special needs school for speech disabilities. The students are often delayed in their linguistic development, and display a lot of problems with reading, writing and often speaking as such. 


Grade Three

Grade Three have started their school year yesterday. I am their class teacher. Every single year I have had the privilege to be classroom teacher, I have felt honoured and happy to be a class’ teacher. This year as well.

The first two days just passed so quickly, they literally flew by. Getting organized, creating a warm, caring and safe environment. Getting to know every child, assessing their numeracy and literacy…. finding out their little specialties and favourite actitivies.

My focus on the last two days was on the social development of each child, their reading, their oral comprehension, their level of English, and their familiarity with Math manipulatives and addition/subtraction facts. I’m amazed how “small” the seven year-olds are, in comparison to my previous two classes (7/8 yr olds and 8/9 yr olds).

We started our unit of inquiry, but more on that another time.

I look forward to the year!