Where do we learn?

The classroom is traditionally the place where learning takes place. This is, of course, not true anymore. But where does learning take place in this days and age, for the children at my school, ….

  • at home?
  • outside?
  • everywhere?
  • worldwide?

The answer would have been easier for me when I was still a PYP teacher. And even as a class teacher in Germany this wouldn’t have bothered me so much. But I’m wondering where my students really think their learning takes place. I often hear them say something along these lines:

  • learning is stupid
  • i don’t want to learn
  • I hate school

Which is not what I want to hear. For them, learning means school, and school means many challenges. But what about their learning outside these four walls they call the classroom? What about the experiences that we don’t officially count as learning? Why don’t we make them more aware of this?

Learning is everywhere and can be anything: Something to take back to school and beyond next week!



Using a tablet in education

Teaching in the state system, I’m limited in what technology I can user with my students.

However, I’m planning on exchanging my planning book, note book and calendar with something else… I always thought that using my laptop would suffice, but I never started using it that way.

Now I’m planning on giving a tablet a try. I’m a flexible operating system user, using an Android phone,  a Mac laptop and a Linux desktop. What I’m really curious about is what other educators use in their classrooms.

I can see myself using the tablet for :

– lesson planning
– note taking
– taking photos as evidence
– calendar
– presentations etc

So, what do you use or would you use and why?

Helping other students… far away.

Yesterday my class received an email from Grade 1 at ISZL. When I told them that there was an email from them, they were eager to reply right away. But time has been taken over by other things: Our winter spettacolo (Pinocchio, the Musical).

I had to promise them that they can reply today. The fact that they were so keen to answer questions from someone else, to help their inquiry. Two girls stated that “first we asked Megan and Adrienne questions, now someone can ask us”.

Connecting classes is so important, yet I feel we are so unconnected.
So, here are some goals for the new term:

– Start blogging (I am not keen on using Studywiz for that, so will see if I can get permission to blog on a more open platform)

– Connect classes via email and Skype

So, if you are up for this, and want to connect, let me know!

Will you be in my class?

Will you be in my class? Will you be one of those children who will call me their class teacher?
Are you curious and excited about the next year? I certainly am! I am positively excited, ready to go.
I have new ideas, I am full of enthusiasm, and I hope you are too!

This is important to know…. this year you will….

  • be in my class, but you will learn a lot outside of that class too
  • you will learn with peers and people from your class, from your school, from your town, and all over the world
  • the walls in our classroom are going to be flattened. We will create communities of learning and inquiry all over
  • have to ask questions
  • get to follow your curiosity
  • develop your creativity
  • take many risks, face up to challenges, and take meaningful action (meaningful to YOU!)
  • learn with your teacher, teach your teacher
  • and much more!

I am excited. Excited about school starting in less than two weeks. Excited to meet you, to learn with you and to get to know you! I hope you are too!