Zukunftsvisionen: Ein Plan, viele Ideen

Ich habe eine Zukunftsvision. Eigentlich habe ich mehrere, aber hier geht es um etwas konkretes. Seit einiger Zeit bin ich als Familienbegleiterin selbstständig und habe mir überlegt, wie es weitergehen kann.

Ich arbeite mit Familien als Beraterin fürs Tragen, Stoffwindeln, Breifrei und Stillen. Bald auch noch als Babymassage Kursleiterin und Babykursleiterin. Mein Plan war bisher, das alles weiter auszubauen und Frauenarbeit hinzuzunehmen. Jetzt gab es die Möglichkeit im November den Moon Mothers Workshop mit Miranda Gray zu machen und ich wollte das auch tun.

Da kamen die Zweifel. Will ich das wirklich? Was treibt mich dazu? Bin das ich?

All diese Überlegungen führten mich weiter:

Will ich meine Kinder wirklich betreuen lassen, damit ich andere Familien begleiten kann? Gibt es Möglichkeiten meine Kinder selbst zu betreuen? Was ist, wenn wir keinen Platz in der Wunschkita bekommen? Was ist, wenn die Wunschkita nicht das ist, was wir wirklich wollen?
Was will ich eigentlich für meine Kinder? Wie gerne würde ich eigentlich eine PYP EY Klasse für sie haben. Eine mit ganz engem Reggiobezug….

Die Zweifel wurden größer und der Wunsch, mehr Einfluss zu haben auch. Und dann meldete sich mein Traum wieder: Eine eigene Schule/Kita gründen.

Das wiederum löste viel Motivation und Enthusiasmus aus.

Jetzt war es also ganz klar. Da sind Träume und Wünsche, ja, eigentlich sogar Pläne, die ich vergessen oder verdrängt habe. Ich kehre wieder zu meinem Ursprung zurück. Schul- oder Bildungsarbeit ist das, was ich sehr mag. Ja, Kleinkinder brauchen keine Bildung in dem Sinne. Aber die pädagogische Arbeit ist das, was mir fehlt. Und seitdem ich in Italien mit den Kindergartengruppen in meiner Schule gearbeitet habe, viele Reggioeinrichtungen gesehen habe und somit ein neues Interessenfeld entdeckte, treibt mich der Wunsch, mich dort umzusetzen. Denn von dort kann ich auch weiter gehen.

Ich merke sofort durch die Motivation und den treibenden Kern in mir, dass ich genau das machen will. Auch meine Freundin meinte, dass ein Strahlen da sei, wenn ich davon erzähle, dass ich sonst nicht so habe.

Zeit also, neu zu denken, umzudenken und die bisherigen Pläne in Frage zu stellen. Denn ich bin Mutter mit Leib und Seele. Auch wenn ich Eltern gerne begleiten will, mag ich meine Kinder auch begleiten und sie dafür nicht immer “abgeben” müssen.

Ich habe beschlossen, dass ich die Familienbegleitung erweitern kann. Ich werde mich zur Tagesmutter ausbilden lassen und eine Betreuung im Rahmen der Reggio Pädagogik anbieten. Ich werde ein Konzept erstellen, ich werde hoffentlich hospitieren. Ich werde mich mit der KLAX Pädagogik nochmals auseinander setzen. Ich werde Kontakt zu Tagespflegestellen aufnehmen, die auch so denken, wie ich. Ich werde meine Kinder mit begleiten und dennoch auch eine pädagogische Aufgabe haben. Und vielleicht werde ich dann im Zuge eine KITA gründen. Oder vielleicht sogar eine Schule? Wer weiß.

Next Steps: Die Info-Veranstaltung der PiB in Bremen besuchen und mich anmelden. Kontakte knüpfen.

Dieser Blog wird mich dabei begleiten!


Learning and rethinking

A quick apology for the lack of posts, but the last few months have been exciting on a personal level, but little has happened that made me want to post.


In fact, I’m now on maternity leave and expecting our little baby in late June. The very fact that our child will be born has made me rethink education, learning and development over and over again… and my focus has been on early childhood more than ever before.


What has also gotten my attention has been the publication of Precht’s new book “Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott” (Anna, school and God), a highly critical book about the current educational system in Germany. I expect to be spending some time reading and posting about it in the next few days. I’m curious to see how it fits with my ideas on education, learning and development, my critique of the state school system and my ideas of how I can make a difference.

There is potential there for this blog, so please don’t give up on me quite yet. Looking forward to sharing new ideas and projects, thoughts and wonderings with you!

Assessment and lack thereof

Assessment for learning has always been seen as one of the most important tasks of my job by me. Without knowing what my students already know and can do, I can’t plan anything. No meaningful learning activities,… and I can’t provide support and opportunities for learning if I don’t know where my students are.

The levels of assessment are huge…. assessment of knowledge, social skills, skills in general, and much more is important for any teacher.

But as I’m completing a module on assessment, I’m doubtful about how much assessment is really taking place in schools. How do we ENSURE that assessment happens in the classrooms and for every student? What do your schools do? What is assessment to you?

Pregnancy and temporary contracts

After having ranted on my German blog Vertretungsblog about the unfair and unlawful treatment of myself at my current school, I still feel like summing it up here.

I currently have a temporary contract my the primary school I’m working at. The initial contract was for the maternity leave of a colleague, and the extension of the contract was for the second part of maternity/parental leave she is taking. The first contract ends mid-January, and the extension was explicitly promise to me several times.

After telling my principal about my pregnancy though, the following happened:

  • I told him in confidence, but when I came into school to sign the papers for a medical examination (needed to continue employment where children are involved), a lot of my colleagues congratulated me. He broke the confidentiality agreement he is legally bound to.
  • While waiting for the results from my blood test, I called the principal to ask when I would be able to sign the new contract. He told me he wasn’t sure anymore, considering my pregnancy. He broke he law, using pregnancy as a reason not to employ me. 
  • When I returned to school this week, a lot of students knew about the pregnancy. Someone, without my consent, spoke to students about my pregnancy.
  • When telling my principal that I had decided not to stay, for various reasons, including a new position elsewhere, he told me he was glad, because he didn’t have to feel guilty. He, and I quote, stated that he didn’t want a third pregnant woman on the team and that it would be hard to find a replacement when I leave for maternity leave. See above.
  • He also stated that he wished he would have kept me on for a week though, as the school is scheduled for inspection. Slap in the face!
  • Later that day I was told my some colleagues that my pregnancy and the principal’s decision was also discussed in a team meeting, that I was a) not invited to and b) not informed about. My pregnancy was discussed without me being present and without my consent. Privacy laws…..!!!!

Sad, frustrated and disappointed. Shocked. But also looking forward to my new challenges. I am not sure how to proceed with this, but I think everyone should know what kind of thinking is going on in the heads of some people these days!

Creative educators!

We always talk about creativity in regards to the learners in our schools. But what about educators? Of course most educators are creative in many ways, but what about fostering and nurturing that creativity? 

And what happens to educators that find their creativity is not thriving in their current environment? I recently discussed this with some friends and this is what they said:

  • look for a new post/school
  • move into a more creative job
  • aim for change from within
  • start your own school/place of learning

And the latter, yes, that has been on my mind for so many years. And even more so since I moved back from international schools to the state system. 

Create your own…. that’s just such a wonderful thought. But where to start?


Yesterday I was finally able to join #pypchat on Twitter after months and months of absence. The topic was provocations, and the chat itself was an incredible provocation for me.

As a PYP teacher at heart but not in real life, my planning time is often me, myself and I, or, occasionally, with a colleague (but there never seems to be much time for planning together). It saddens me, because talking about an upcoming learning unit always helps me to get started. 

Nonetheless, this post is about provocations, and I realized, that my life could use more of them again.


– are a good way to get students to think about an upcoming unit

– help students to reflect on concepts 

– can sharpen our senses in the middle of a unit, allow us to ask new questions or refocus

– can be simple yet super effective

– can be visuals, stories and pretty much anything else

– can lead to action


The chat itself was an amazing provocation and I can’t wait to return to the archives in due time to see what I have changed about my practice.

Using a tablet in education

Teaching in the state system, I’m limited in what technology I can user with my students.

However, I’m planning on exchanging my planning book, note book and calendar with something else… I always thought that using my laptop would suffice, but I never started using it that way.

Now I’m planning on giving a tablet a try. I’m a flexible operating system user, using an Android phone,  a Mac laptop and a Linux desktop. What I’m really curious about is what other educators use in their classrooms.

I can see myself using the tablet for :

– lesson planning
– note taking
– taking photos as evidence
– calendar
– presentations etc

So, what do you use or would you use and why?