Learning and rethinking

A quick apology for the lack of posts, but the last few months have been exciting on a personal level, but little has happened that made me want to post.


In fact, I’m now on maternity leave and expecting our little baby in late June. The very fact that our child will be born has made me rethink education, learning and development over and over again… and my focus has been on early childhood more than ever before.


What has also gotten my attention has been the publication of Precht’s new book “Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott” (Anna, school and God), a highly critical book about the current educational system in Germany. I expect to be spending some time reading and posting about it in the next few days. I’m curious to see how it fits with my ideas on education, learning and development, my critique of the state school system and my ideas of how I can make a difference.

There is potential there for this blog, so please don’t give up on me quite yet. Looking forward to sharing new ideas and projects, thoughts and wonderings with you!