Yesterday I was finally able to join #pypchat on Twitter after months and months of absence. The topic was provocations, and the chat itself was an incredible provocation for me.

As a PYP teacher at heart but not in real life, my planning time is often me, myself and I, or, occasionally, with a colleague (but there never seems to be much time for planning together). It saddens me, because talking about an upcoming learning unit always helps me to get started. 

Nonetheless, this post is about provocations, and I realized, that my life could use more of them again.


– are a good way to get students to think about an upcoming unit

Рhelp students to reflect on concepts 

– can sharpen our senses in the middle of a unit, allow us to ask new questions or refocus

– can be simple yet super effective

– can be visuals, stories and pretty much anything else

– can lead to action


The chat itself was an amazing provocation and I can’t wait to return to the archives in due time to see what I have changed about my practice.