A new adventure

It has been ages since I blogged. So here is a short update about what has been going on.

I left Italy and my amazing position at an amazing international school in Italy for personal reasons and since February have slowly been starting to work again in Germany.

My current positions are a mix of temporary and more permanent assignments and include:

  • Teaching/supporting primary school children with immigration backgrounds
  • Teaching/supporting potential school drop-outs
  • Teaching English to adults (mainly business English)
  • Teaching English to adults (General/big group)
That keeps me very busy. The other day I was offered a much better, amazing position as well though. It fits my interests much better, even though I love working across the board in education. Watch this space for more information.
As far as the variety of work goes, it has shown me how transferable skills are, and how “old-fashioned” even the most progressive places can be. Having worked in IB PYP schools for the last 2 1/2 years, and a similar school in Berlin before that, I am struggling to accept that some schools still rely so heavily on worksheets and books. So I am ready to challenge.
So, ready to blog again, to reflect, learn and move forward in my journey through education!

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