Helping other students… far away.

Yesterday my class received an email from Grade 1 at ISZL. When I told them that there was an email from them, they were eager to reply right away. But time has been taken over by other things: Our winter spettacolo (Pinocchio, the Musical).

I had to promise them that they can reply today. The fact that they were so keen to answer questions from someone else, to help their inquiry. Two girls stated that “first we asked Megan and Adrienne questions, now someone can ask us”.

Connecting classes is so important, yet I feel we are so unconnected.
So, here are some goals for the new term:

– Start blogging (I am not keen on using Studywiz for that, so will see if I can get permission to blog on a more open platform)

– Connect classes via email and Skype

So, if you are up for this, and want to connect, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Helping other students… far away.

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  2. I quite agree. When I started skyping and blogging with my class last year they found the whole process fascinating. We (Year 2/3) were doing a social studies project and the kids skyped with someone about it, sent and received emails (under my supervision) and so on. So much more meaningful than anything I had done in the past. I am hoping to launch a global connections project next year connecting a variety of different schools. Take a look here if you’re interested:

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