Perspective and stories

Just found this, unpublished, from June 2010.

Just found this on KE’s ICT at ISOCS blog. It reminded me so much of an activity we did during a workshop at my old school. A picture story (no words) was given to two groups. One was asked to tell the story making music, the others were to write a story, in Italian! (Two Italian teachers were part of this activity, one -also the music teacher- was in the Music group, the other in the story telling group). It empowered them, but what I want to say about the activity now is something different. It is a great idea to share perspective. And, of course, creativity.

I haven’t used this in my classroom at all, but can you imagine the different and interesting stories the children could create? While some of us might think that in the above story, Frederik gets yelled at and embarrassed, the other group might interpret it entirely different. I really want to do this a lot in my next class, and I look forward to writing about it then again!


4 thoughts on “Perspective and stories

  1. Oooh, I like this idea. Children often have issues with writing because they lack ideas. This gives the children the perfect way to gain some ideas and inspiration for writing but you can imagine, like you said, that the stories would be completely different depending on who was writing it. I’ll be using this at some point next year. Thanks.

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