You want to change me?

“He really needs to change his attitude.” “She needs to change her behavior!”

I’m sure you have all heard this before… no matter whether you are a student, teacher or parent. The idea of “having to change” students has been around since I can remember.

At school, my teachers would have loved to change me, and some really tried through grades, and their own attitudes. As a teacher myself, I have heard it from colleagues and been guilty of it too.
The need to “change” people and to make them “fit” us is fairly accepted.

I’m not saying that some behavior doesn’t need “changing”, but the point I am trying to make is… what happened to individuality? What happened to accepting someone the way they are?

I have 11 individuals in my class, and try to respect them and their needs at all times. It is not easy, but it means I am open-minded and accepting of them. I have grown more tolerant, and find that by accepting the students the way they are, they thrive much more! Its hard, but worth it!


One thought on “You want to change me?

  1. So very true. And when one allows individuality to thrive and grow, students can learn so much from each other, and the teacher can learn so much from his or her students.

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