Writing Reports?

In light of all the interesting posts about report writing (it is report writing time in the Southern hemisphere, at least for Australia and NZ!), such as Report writing season by Henrietta and 10 ways to get your reports written….not by Edna, I thought I should share what report writing looks like for me!

No need to state the obvious (house is cleaner than ever!), but report writing for me is interesting, because I find it difficult to focus on any given task for too long at a time.
I tend to write a few sentences, then get up, walk around, talk to people, cook, clean, whatever, and then I get back to the report. In the meantime I think about the reports, and that I find to be the most important part. The thinking and reflecting, not the actual writing.

This year I am writing comments early on. I have started to write the unit of inquiry comments for the last unit, and I am thinking about Math and Language development as well. This allows me to use my scattered approach and still get it done without feeling too pressured. Let’s see how I feel in December!


3 thoughts on “Writing Reports?

  1. Sounds like a great approach to me, I especially like that it gives you time to really think and reflect about each child before you comment. I hope that it keeps you stress free in December!

    • I have 5 comments on Units of Inquiry done already, and have started to take notes on the others. As I said, the thinking and reflection process takes a while, the rest is “easy”.

      Also, no need to stress when you are not happy with the way you worded something, just go back to it in a few weeks 🙂

  2. I think this is a great approach. When I am grading essays, I, too, find myself walking around, chatting, etc, between papers. Although some might think I’m procrastinating, this approach clears my mind and allows time to reflect.

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