School? Or a place for learning?

My mind is trying to make sense of something. There is a gap, between what is currently possible and available, and what some people advocate should be. What I am trying to see is… how is it possible?

Cryptic? A bit maybe, let me explain what I mean. Recently I watched this video:
Sir Ken Robinson – Changine Education Paradigms

Like most of the people who are part of my PLN, the message of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk rings true. He speaks from my heart. And yet, even though I work at a fairly progressive school, teaching a fairly progressive curriculum framework, …. I feel that so much more is possible.

But what is? What does all this new learning look like?
Are we talking about schools?

Lets face it, with most schools underlying strict regulations from governments or boards, we are “limited” but that doesn’t mean we can’t implement changes!

What I want to think about more is… what IS the learning environment we need NOW (not in 20 years BUT NOW)? How can we make it happen?


One thought on “School? Or a place for learning?

  1. This is exactly why I am so excited to have you on my thinking team! What can this look like now, today. And how do we make what we do today matter for the students we teach 20 years from now?

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