What's been happening?

I have been BUSY!

Just before the holidays, Grade 3 (that includes me!) were working hard on developing an understanding of the Earth’s form (What is it like?), by looking at its structure, and of how the Earth changes. Before we knew it though, we went on half-term break. To stay connected students were to follow the news for any changes of the nature of the Earth that might occur. And a lot happened during those 10 days we enjoyed off school!!!

Following a rather pleasant break, teachers arrived back for a workshop on Assessment in the PYP (and also the MYP). The workshop was great (I love workshops! Esp. PYP ones) and challenged a lot of my thinking. But most importantly, it made me learn a lot! A lot of gaps I had before were bridged! I took an Assessment in the PYP workshop online before, which was a different experience, and a year later, the similarities those workshops had helped me move on considerably.

There were portfolios, which I am trying to make as relevant and meaningful to everyone in the classroom. Seeing them as a way to RECORD data or evidence of learning was making SO MUCH MORE sense to me than seeing it is a reporting tool, which seemingly I had done before.

Another important learning step was planning for learning for understanding using the Six Facets of Understanding. Using those helped me to think of meaningful learning experiences which would be recorded on the PYP Planner. Those of you reading my blog who are PYP teachers will know the space limitations on those planners! The boxes are small. But approaching the planning process this way, I think I will be able to be MUCH more concise. Fingers crossed.

Looking at the connection between assessment strategies(The way to collect data) and assessment tools(the way to evaluate data), I realized ways to improve my assessment practice. In order to be more “accountable” or more evidence-based, I will need to find ways to RECORD more data in the future. Also, in conjunction with this, I found the process of Planning for assessment -> Assessing / Collecting data -> Recording data ->Evaluating data very helpful.

Overall, a wonderful workshop, fantastic learners alongside me, enjoyable and meaningful exchanges.

Since Wednesday the students were back at school. We dived straight back into learning, focusing on our unit of inquiry, assessing and developing measurement skills, inquiring into explanation texts and more. It’s Friday, we achieved a lot this week!

Have a lovely weekend!


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