I had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day about the word No, and how often it is being said in schools. In all honesty, I am not sure how often I say no to a student, without even thinking about it. And this makes me wonder how many times I have stopped something incredible from happening, just because it hasn’t made sense to me at the time.

Some time ago I read an interesting blog post by an early childhood educator and saying no, but I can’t find it anymore. Its message though was very clear: Don’t just say no, ask why instead!

I could mention a million examples here, but I will let you think about it yourself, about your practice. Just as I am doing myself.
My small goal for after the half-term break is: Ask why, don’t just say no!


One thought on “No!

  1. Ask why, don’t just say no!

    Ok, I will take your advice(again!) but I know that that WHY will start a never endind dissertantion by some kids…however I want to be more of a a risk taker and will take this risk…

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