Blog posts worth reading

I read blogs, I write blogs… and now I want to recommend some blogs.

Worth a read:

Spencer’s Scratch Pad: Why kindergarten is hard for my son
Thought-provoking and interesting. Spencer always writes about his son, and I think it is great to read a kindergartener’s perspective.

Tech Transformation (Maggie Hos-McGrane): Teaching for Understanding

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension: How Homework Destroys

About a Teacher (Gret Sandler’s amazing blog): Hearing their voices
A great post on blogging with students and the impact it can have!

Inquire Within: Don’t do inquiry
A new collaborative blog about inquiry. 10 reasons why not to do inquiry!

Principal of Change: The vision (our ePortfolio project)

Never be shy to leave a comment on a blog! It is what encourages dialog and, ultimately learning!


2 thoughts on “Blog posts worth reading

  1. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks so much for your kind words and mention of my blog. It seriously means a lot. I loved all your recommendations. I hadn’t read some of the posts you shared, and they were awesome! I’ve added Inquire Within to my google reader too!
    So thanks a lot for sharing this! It was definitely really useful for me!
    Love having you in my PLN!

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