Caring (IB Learner Profile Attribute)

I care about the students in my school, especially those in my class. My aim is to create a safe and stimulating environment, and I want the students and parents to know that I CARE. I am there to care,…

I can say this over and over again, but I feel strongly about the IB Learner Profile. It is a set of attributes that all members of the school community (parents, students, teachers, administration and everyone else) strive to be. Caring is one of the attributes.
As a primary school teacher, I also believe that it is our job to care. To care about the well-being and learning of our students.

Recently a student of mine had me worried. I tracked the students and observed them carefully over a few days, before contacting the parents. I like to involve parents, after all, we are collaborating, we are not enemies. I hope that parents feel that they can talk to me always, about anything.
It usually helps to clarify situations and gives them and us a bigger picture.

After a very open and honest talk, the student’s behavior and actions had a context for me, and has helped me to make adjustments and plans for the future. It was also sparked a talk at home, and I was so happy to see this student coming into school today, telling me that they slept so well for the first time, and looking REALLY happy.

I am not saying that this took care of everything, but it was a huge step. I hope that the student and the parents know I care. And I am happy to see my students smile!


5 thoughts on “Caring (IB Learner Profile Attribute)

  1. Jessica, it is really good that you have noticed your student behaving the way he did – very often it is linked to what is happening to him at school (e.g. with the other children), during ECAs outside school or of course at home (problems etc). Sometimes we forget that a child lives in several different environments in the same day.

    Parents may not be able to see what’s happening to the child at school and you wouldn’t know what’s happening to the child at home, so it’s good to always talk, exchange and share.

  2. Jessica,
    You have verbalised exactly how I feel about this Learner Profile attitude – CARING! We can’t care enough about the students in our class. You made a difference to your student by tracking and monitoring him/her, then taking it further and involving the parents. Your deep and genuine interest in this student’s happiness at school and at home moved you to ‘taking action’. Happy students learn.

    • Thanks for your comment, Desiree. Perspectives differ when it comes to how much we should care. But as you say, happy students learn, and that is, undeniably, our job!

  3. It makes such a difference when students know that there is someone in their corner who wants the best for them. Good for you for demonstrating that to your students!

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