Discomfort Zone

I posted this yesterday and then WordPress/my internet connection made the post disappear. It wasn’t even saved as a draft. What did I learn from that? Try and wait until the page is loaded COMPLETELY before writing. Duly noted.

Those of you who know me, or follow me on Twitter, also know that I’m not afraid of a challenge. My username, @discomfortzone reflects that clearly (although, in all honesty, it was chosen randomly and inspired by a Jonathan Franzen book).
I think that educators leave the comfort zones regularly, but most of us leave it when we start the new year. New kids, parents, curriculum…. anything that is slightly different should, in theory, challenge our current thinking and help us develop.

Of course, this is what makes educators, in part, lifelong learners.

I find myself in a comfortable discomfort zone at the moment. Since starting at IS Modena, I have been positively challenged. Being in a discomfort zone means rethinking yourself, your beliefs and practices.
Here are my current “challenges” (they are in no way bad!):

  • a new environment (town/region)
  • new colleagues (getting to know people takes time, sometimes it takes forever to remember names… but you also have to find out how to best collaborate… process)
  • new school means new building: getting to know your classroom. Where to put resources…..
  • new school means new buiding 2: knowing where to get everything. It gets easier every day.
  • new students
  • new parents

I am excited to be here, excited to meet the kids in two days. But I have gone quiet, because I need to reflect, take in and make sense of my situation. I need to remember that the kids might be just the same though! Here is to a great new year!


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