Will you be in my class?

Will you be in my class? Will you be one of those children who will call me their class teacher?
Are you curious and excited about the next year? I certainly am! I am positively excited, ready to go.
I have new ideas, I am full of enthusiasm, and I hope you are too!

This is important to know…. this year you will….

  • be in my class, but you will learn a lot outside of that class too
  • you will learn with peers and people from your class, from your school, from your town, and all over the world
  • the walls in our classroom are going to be flattened. We will create communities of learning and inquiry all over
  • have to ask questions
  • get to follow your curiosity
  • develop your creativity
  • take many risks, face up to challenges, and take meaningful action (meaningful to YOU!)
  • learn with your teacher, teach your teacher
  • and much more!

I am excited. Excited about school starting in less than two weeks. Excited to meet you, to learn with you and to get to know you! I hope you are too!


4 thoughts on “Will you be in my class?

  1. I love your post. I’m excited as well. I can’t wait to see the kids on the first day. We’ll learn so much together. It’s such an exciting time of the year and often very busy.
    Your students are very lucky to have a teacher who wants to engage them in learning, allow them to follow their curiosity and develop their creativity.
    We start in a week, Aug 30th is our big day.
    Have a great year!!

  2. Loved this post Jessica! I will definitely come back to this post when my school year begins next year.
    I’m sure you’ll connect with your students since the very beginning. I can tell you already love them! They are really lucky to have you!

  3. You are a your treasure to children – great post – wonderful attitude.
    We start next week.
    Have a great year!

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