Summer update

So far I haven’t been particularly specific about what I’m up to in my life. But now I have arrived in Formigine, my new home, I might as well say it out loud on here: In the next academic year (or hopefully years!), I will be teaching at the International School of Modena. I’m still unbelievably excited about this. Ever since setting foot into the school in May 2009, and meeting some of the teachers and principal, I knew this would be a great place to be. And things just fell into place.

Moving is incredibly exciting (although, if you do it like me, moving in mid-August in Italy is as dull as it can get), a new job is too. And there are so many things going on in my head…. often I find myself wishing to start tomorrow. And in less than two weeks new teachers’ in-service days start. Yipee! In the meantime, I’m enjoying the free time, getting to know the area around me (I can already head out without the TomTom) and reading.

I slacked on my summer reading list. I only re-read two Harry Potter books (a ritual, it seems, that helps me to enter holiday mode at the beginning of summer), and I’m slowly reading “Taking the PYP forward”, a collection of essays on how to develop the Primary Years Programme further, and “Five Minds for the Future” by Gardner. Both are quite easy and enjoyable to read. I just have to do it. My main professional development over the summer included the fantastic Reform Symposium (#rscon10), which was not only free, but also accessible from the very comfort of your own bed/sofa/garden/favorite place, as it was hosted online. Furthermore, I found #edchat discussions on Twitter to be thought-provoking and a wonderful learning experience.

The majority of my learning has revolved around technology, which is quite fitting, as my enrollment papers for my MA Education and Technology arrived a few days ago. As of October 2010, I will be a part-time student yet again!

In the next few days I will hopefully post a bit more, including a link to my #edchat summary, my personal aim to develop a particular attribute of the IB Learner Profile further (well-balanced) and ideas for the first weeks of school. In the meantime, enjoy the summer!!

Photo taken by myself: Arnhem/Netherlands. July 2010

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