How do you use photography in school?

One thing I am curious about this summer is photography. With my Samsung L74 Wide all fixed now, I resisted the temptation to buy a D-SLR camera for the time being. Other things have taken priority.

The question I am curious about though is… how do we use photography effectively in schools? I am not one to just take pictures of the results and products. I think generally I am an action/process photographer in my own classroom. I like to document the coming together of projects, collect evidence of students putting into action their acquired skills.
I use the camera all day long, and in my previous classes, the students stopped posing for the camera pretty quickly. Posing is not the point in my class.
To evaluate the photographs, I occasionally put them on the class blog, but we also used them when reflecting. I wonder if there is a systematic way to do this? A class flickr account?

In Switzerland, one school I visited had “class photographers”. The weekly job included the taking of photographs on a daily basis, along with printing them out, and adding some text to it, sort of like a newspaper.
We used to have class photographers too, but never got too much into it. It’s interesting to see what the children find interesting to take pictures of. I wish I had given it more time, but as we didn’t have a class camera, the job was difficult.

So, what do you do? I am curious to hear about the use of photography in education worldwide from preschool to higher education!

Photo Credit: Taken from Enixii


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