Looking back over the year

Over the next few weeks I would like to take some time and look back over the past year. It was a year full of learning for me, with its ups and downs, its challenges and its rewards.

I am very proud of the work I did this year, but there are also lots of little (and some bigger) areas of improvement that I want to address in the summer and the next year (or years). Taking time to look back and reflect, to challenge our assumptions and views, to question our actions, to align our theories-in action (our espoused theory and our theory-in-use) to achieve double-loop learning (referring to Donald Schön here, who used to be a big feature in my degree and is worth going back to in practice as well), is a very important part of professional learning and a must (in my opinion).

I look forward to composing and sharing those reflections.

However, to start the reflection phase off, I would like to share something else. The last week was our last week at school. A lot of students from my class are going home or moving on. We talked a lot about the year and what the children enjoyed. It was wonderful to hear that they all had fun, felt confident in their learning and actions, were proud of their achievements, were happy to have made so many friends, and enjoyed our units of inquiry. One students pointed out (this was her first year in the PYP), that she loved how everything “worked together” as opposed to having just Maths, Science, etc.

I got a lot of lovely cards and notes at the end of the year, some of them making me feel really good!

A big thank you to my class (WIS 3 and 4) for making the past year (or for some students even 2 years) so much fun and so exciting!


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