Screenplay Writing Workshop

I have written this before, but it disappeared. Here is my new version!

As part of their unit of inquiry into film making, the students in my class were fortunate to have a wonderful visitor to speak to them about screenplay writing. Anna, a mum in my class, recently started writing the screenplay for her own books, a process that I find very fascinating. As part of this, she recently interviews and learned a lot about screenplay writing from Richard Wagner, which was published on her website

The workshop stared with an exploration of existing screenplays. Anna had brought in parts of the Narnia Chronicles screenplay, which was an excellent choice given that some of the students actually read the books not long ago.
After reading through the dialogues aloud, we quickly noticed that they didn’t make much sense without the actions around them. Then the students got to act them out a little.

It was great to see them so enthusiastic, and to have a real expert in class. Often this is the best way to learn! We learned how screenplays are set up, how dialogue becomes a secondary feature, and how to avoid using too many words. It was a great experience.

The students then got to apply their learning and wrote their own screenplays. I have added some of the examples here.

Thanks, Anna, for sharing with us!


3 thoughts on “Screenplay Writing Workshop

  1. I love that process. Catching the kids’ attention, trying things, finding out themselves what works and what doesn’t. It’s so powerful. If you had just said to them that dialogue is a secondary feature they would not have fully understood it, but by playing with actual screenplays they got so much out of it. 🙂 Wicked!!

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