Stars and Clouds recommends

Occasionally, I have mentioned things, places and blogs I like in my blog. I would like this to become a regular thing.
So I decided that every Thursday, I will share a blog or something else with you that I enjoy, and why. It is certainly worth checking these things out. They might be related to teaching and learning, or not. I hope you enjoy them.

Stars and Clouds’ first recommendation is:

Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day is a site maintained by Elisabeth Dunker. I have been following her wonderful blog for a long time, enjoying her beautiful and playful photography, as well as all her other little projects. She is obviously a kid at heart and a very talented person.
Recently, Elisabeth also opened her online shop and extended her blog to the full website. You can get wonderful things there, no need to be shy!

I think it is necessary to include Elisabeth’s own description of Fine Little Day on here, as it is spot on, and maybe you can see how it interlinks with Stars and Clouds. I certainly think we have very similar key words and concepts in common!

Gothenburg, May 2010

Fine Little Day is a multidisciplinary art and design platform and brand.
Sprawling, impulsive and inconsistent. It is not faithful to any single line
and does not have the ambition to be cohesive or even well thought through.
Fine Little Day specializes in playful creating based on pleasure and joy.
The main goal is to work with interesting and stimulating tasks. To produce
happy and environment-friendly products, work shops and lectures for both
adults and children. Our desire is to be kind, friendly and of course to
have fun on the journey.

The aim is also to have collaborations with creators of various kinds.
So stay tuned for new exciting fusions.

The designer and founder of Fine Little Day, Elisabeth Dunker is
an independent cross-disciplined designer. She holds a MFA from
HDK, School of Design and Crafts, Sweden. Elisabeth loves to combine
illustration, photography and set design. Among her clients you
can find Urban Outfitters, Kosta Boda, Die Gestalten and Kappahl.

(source: Fine Little Day)

Thank you, Elisabeth, for filling my day with many joys and creating such wonderful things!


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