How we express ourselves update

The focus question for the week was How do we communicate our creativity? It led to interesting student questions, such as:

  • What is creativity?
  • Is everyone creative?
  • What is communication other than talking and listening?

After brainstorming way of our the students express themselves, and making personal connections this way, they thought about how other people are creative.
This, we then categorized into: Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Writing/Language Arts. A provocation was needed to extend the thinking beyond those arts. Where else are we creative? was a good starter. It also helped that I was deliberately using the terms “be creative” in about every possible situation for the last few days. Good ideas were mentioned, including problem-solving, sciences, mathematics, industries, etc.

It gave us the opportunity to see a BIG picture of self-expression and creativity, before we then “zoomed in” on film.

We also moved slightly into What is film? Looking at the form of this type of communication, we are looking for recognizable features. As a bit of an incentive, we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….. to be continued in 10 days.


One thought on “How we express ourselves update

  1. I believe that in the higher levels of any profession, creativity is a must. Unique perspectives and risk taking all require a creative view on an existing subject. Sometimes creativity is limited to fine arts and poetry, but scientists need to be able to come up with new theories, a feat that requires mental flexibility.

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