How we express ourselves: Film-making

Our trans-disciplinary unit of inquiry into how we express ourselves started yesterday.

Title: Film-Making (and I am unsure about titles these days, they can be so misleading and distracting from the central idea)
Central Idea: The use of film allows us to enjoy and share our creativity
Lines of Inquiry:

  • Different types of films
  • How films are created and shared
  • What films convey

Related Concepts: communication, review, subjectivity
Key Concepts: Form, perspective and reflection

Our tuning in question is: How do we communicate our creativity (which is, initially sounding, a function question, but we are looking at the form of communication and creativity, and reflecting on ourselves). This is to make personal connections to the unit.
Generally, I can already say that the actual focus on film as a form of communication will be a challenge for the students in my class, who are (at this point in time) 9 and 10 years old. (Grade 3/4).

Yesterdays pre-assessment and informal discussions between students showed that for them movies are about adventures and fun. I was, however, very impressed with their understanding of genres such as documentaries. (I also thought it was funny when they talked about what films/shows their parents like…. )

As with all units, the second day is daunting for me. I am not 100% sure how to go on. It takes me a few days to process what I learn from and about the children. Today’s focus will still be on creativity and on categorizing the art forms we identified yesterday, before we move onto What is film? and What types of film are there?


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