When people with a passion meet….

This Saturday was an amazing, rejuvenating day. I will, however, share the details of what happened that day, another time.

What I can say is that I met with another PYP coordinator from Italy, and it was fantastic. She is much more experienced in the PYP than I am (not hard, is it?), but we shared one thing: A passion for what we do. We worked well, no, I think that doesn’t really do it. We worked fantastically together (in my humble opinion), we got things done and moving so quickly.

That made me think a lot about a book I’m currently going through, called Overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team.
It starts with dysfunction one, which is trust. And that really makes all the difference as to what a team is and can achieve. All weekend I was trying to make sense why we were so effective this weekend. Was trust automatically there? How come we were able to be so open and “blunt” with each other? Was is a “honeymoon period” effect, or was this transcending the trust and commitment issues others have, simply because we knew that we could trust each other?

All very interesting questions, and I will continue to observe this. I will also enjoy the fact that we worked so well together and that I have found another professional friend with whom to share my passion for what I do!


3 thoughts on “When people with a passion meet….

  1. First of all, I absolutely LOVE the new layout.

    it’s always nice to instantly *click* with someone and even nicer to find friends in your professional life. I hope you both learn things from each other and continue to work fantastically together!

  2. yes it’s great!
    as an artist(I believe I can call myself that now..) I meet many people who are passionate for what they do but only a few that I actually feel share the same passion for something specific as I do. and then it will always be a good and hopefully fun cooperation:)

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