Welcome to Stars and Clouds V 2.0

Welcome to starsandclouds.org! Stars and Clouds has grown up and moved to its own webspace, and own url and and and.
The content will pretty much stay the same.
If you are reading this blog for the first time, or started to fairly recently, let me just introduce myself:

I’m Jessica, a primary school teacher at an international school in Italy. I am not just a “primary” teacher, I am a PYP (International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme), which makes me proud and quite different from some other teachers. Incidentally, I am also the PYP Coordinator.

This blog serves as my reflection, planning, professional development and sharing platform. Here you will find more about what I do in the classroom, what I wonder about, my professional and occasionally my personal inquiries, my reflections, my planning (or shall I use the word: Plan-flection?). A lot, in other words.

I also twitter @yourjoyismylow (starsandclouds is unfortunately taken!), love to meet and discuss things on Skype (yourjoyismylow) and in person.

Enjoy the blog, join in the discussion, feel free to leave comments! I am an avid collaborator, and comments make me happy!


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