Planning Maths with a PYP Planner

I haven’t been able to think much about blogging. We have been so busy in class, but personally it hasn’t been better. On top of that, I am preparing the end-of-the-year stuff, which includes the review of our POI. A Language Policy to finish and and and…. But to be honest, I am still relaxed, not too busy really. Just lacking the ability to think too deep at night.

Today I finally took the step to use the PYP planner for my Maths planning. This is outside the unit-of-inquiry Maths. In the next school year, we want to attempt to put all stand-alone teaching this way. I used the sample planner which can be found on the OCC/IB elibrary to help me get started. One thing I noticed was the heavy focus on activities in there, I wouldn’t do that in a UoI planner, but it seems appropriate for Maths. It also helped me to really rethink the Maths planning process personally. I usually use Investigations for my teaching, but with this approach now, I think not too many resources are even needed.

The main part was writing the central idea and coming up with lines of inquiry. I was really finding it hard to think about anything at the time, but then used the sample planner and that helped.

I am curious to see whether the students will notice the difference….


7 thoughts on “Planning Maths with a PYP Planner

  1. Hi- my school is also thinking of going to the Maths planner- as well and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your example of a filled out planner? We are trying hard to make our stand alone more appropriate- and any ideas you could share would be great!

    Thanks so much!


  2. Hi Allyson,

    I used the Sample planner (Pattern and Function) in the online version of the Math Scope and Sequence document. I then adapted it to our needs at school.
    Have a look at it, as mine is really not too different, apart from some of the key learning activities

  3. I wish to see a sample of a maths planner your school has had used as we are only starting to do a maths planner in our school (woodford international school).

  4. I’m slightly confused. The sample planners all seem to be very subject focus ones and in the Scope and Sequence.. in ‘Viewing a Uof I through the lens of mathematics it is clearly stated- “the subject focus should not come too early into the collaborative planning process” .

  5. Hi,

    I have tried searching for math and literacy stand alone planners for PYP and all I was could access was ‘one’ math plan on data representation. If you don’t mind please share either your self planned unit or the samples you found on occ.

    Thank you

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