Student Independent Inquiries into Animal Life Cycles

Last week the students in my class suggested they all investigate the life cycles of different animals. This tied in nicely with the development of research and self-management skills. They all had ideas already about what they wanted to inquire into. There were dolphins, lions, orangutans and sea turtles. New, and interesting groups were formed.

Collaboration went beyond the classroom. The students made good use of their Google Accounts and emailed each other, as well as collaborating through Google Docs. In class, they made use of the library and the class computers to develop their projects.

There was less time than usual, in class, for the investigations, but the use of technology and learning outside of the classroom made their work effective and great!

On Thursday we made time for the presentations. This was not our summative assessment, but their celebration of their learning. They were wonderful.

Here you see the students preparing for their presentation and getting ready (last minute run-throughs).


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