Collaboration, Part 3890

I do love to collaborate. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know. I love to collaborate within my school, locally, regionally, nationally, worldwide and online.

This week we had some great collaboration opportunities at school. Let me outline them:

  • The head of the school visited another school in Bologna. The quick meeting there resulted in more collaboration, with the PYP Coordinator coming to visit us in the near future. The exchanges resulted in better understanding of certain practices.
  • The head of the school and I visited the school in Modena again. This meeting was both about our network efforts, as well as collaboration. I am still so new to the PYP and my learning is still quite overwhelming. Reflecting over the past few months, the learning curve is so great. We talked about maths, language policies, authorization visits and so on. It was a great exchange, we all, hopefully, learned a lot.
  • The students in my class have been collaborating in the garden. After a great start to their science project (self-initiated), they hit conflict, solves it, and moved on. It is a great effort, and I love to observe it.
  • The two Italian teachers and I have been planning the next unit of inquiry. We were thinking of a way for them to collaborate with other Italian teachers around. They will now collaborate with two teacher (Mother Tongue programme and Italian as an additional language) from Modena and this way the students collaborate with their students. Looking forward to it.

What a great week!


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