PYP Scope and Sequence documents, assessment, recording and planning for teaching and learning

The title is long! But it really is a bit of a complex problem we are trying to solve at our school at the moment.

The PYP released new scope and sequence documents for Language and Maths in Feb 2009, and for The Arts and PSPE in November 2009. At the moment my school is focusing on the Language and Maths scope and sequence documents still.
As a result of implementing them, we discontinued our original curriculum mapping, as we found that this was not in line with the new documents. Now we are asking ourselves about how to use the scope and sequence documents effectively to inform teaching and learning, and for recording.

What have schools done?

Our current thinking is a spreadsheet arranged in phases that will allow us to map out the students’ individual development.

I think this is an important part of the implementation of the new scope and sequence documents, and so far I have had no feedback from anyone who has implemented them yet. So lets talk about it!


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