Professional Development Plans

Another thought on my mind today…

Are there any schools out there already using PDPs with their teachers? How do you go about this? What are your foundations for the PDP?

Recently, while reviewing the action plan, and during our Pre-auth visit, the need for the action plan to become as much part of the team as every team member, made us aware that just “reviewing” it together won’t do.

As a result, we thought about connecting PDPs, which we currently don’t have, to the action plan and vice versa. I have done this at my old school, as well as in my university education.

Looking at the action plan, the standards and practices would be a good way to start with the PDP. I think teachers could be given the opportunity to reflect against each standard, and this reflection could be used as a basis for discussion, and setting of goals, identification of strategies and more.

What do you do with your PDPs? Is it based on the standards and practices? How do you implement that? Thanks for sharing!


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