Life Cycle: The beginning (pre-assessment)

Spending the holidays being ill is just the worst thing, especially since my idea was to check out the botanical gardens in Pisa, to collect good pictures for the Life Cycles immersion phase and so on.

Instead I now cannot walk, I have Erythema Nodosum and that means nothing much to me other than swollen nodules on my lower leg, a swollen ankle, joint pains and inability to walk.

So, instead of enjoying the lovely Tuscan weather, I have been pondering this unit of inquiry a little more. Our initial ideas and planning happened, but it was lacking a way for me to start the unit with the 8 and 9 year-olds.

Now this is sorted, we will actually start to PLAN and INVESTIGATE the unit together. I have created a more science skills/W.A.L.T./Pre-assessment powerpoint series.

This is the pre-assessment for when the kids come in, this will be left uncommented for the time being. It will give me the opportunity to see what the kids can recognize and describe.

Our exploration of the central idea, lines of inquiry, concepts and a first KWHL map. This is not going to be done one after one after one, but will spread throughout the day.

I wish I could give proper credit for this one. I got this off the Online Curriculum Center Resource Section (Science). The publisher is not mentioned. We will explore the scientific methods and hopefully make connections to the Research Skills which come…. What we are going to learn. An exploration of the skills we need for this unit of inquiry. Including science and transdisciplinary skills, but also the mathematical and language skills we need. I want to make the connections with the students as we collaboratively move on the continuum towards transdisciplinary learning.

This is the beginning. I will post more about the end later on!


3 thoughts on “Life Cycle: The beginning (pre-assessment)

  1. Thanks for the comment! I am always eager to share and give feedback. I was so worried about starting this unit and now it seems like the best way to start!

    Thanks again! (and Yay! A comment!)

  2. Dear Miss Jessica,
    When I was 3, I also had a Erythema Nodosum and I remember this period and Santa Chiara Hospital as a desaster! Then I became anorexic and…Well, as you know I overcame this problem, also too much.

    I’m writing just to let know the big result I can touch everyday. Children are really excited about this inquary, I think all of them are reading and learning a lot. I’m observing Andromeda and she seems to have a method (….), she observes, she writes a note, she corrects, she draws some flowers (the interior) or butterfly she adds notes and so on…

    Children are really involved. Well done, Miss Jessica!


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