Key Concept: Perspective – In Art

year3and4 002

Originally uploaded by yourjoyismylow

In Art, my class of 8 and 9 year-olds have explored the concept of perspective.
To do this, we looked at a lot of photos and paintings, the way they convey detail and the way they allow us to interpret them in specific ways. Some interesting discussions came from that.

Then I showed them photographs where I replaced important details (mainly people with their telling expressions) with silhouettes. This left the picture much more open to interpretation. We were able to express our own perspective this way.

That led us to creating our own silhouettes. Originally I had hoped to include photography in this, but then we just stuck to creating our own “shadow” pictures. Some of the ones shown on my Flickr deal with perspective, and how our intention may be interpreted in different ways, but some of them are also random (“Can I make some more?”).


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