More reflections on Rights and Responsibilities

Today was the last day of our unit of inquiry “Rights and Responsibilities”. The end was marked by a visit from representatives of the Province of Pisa, who run a charity to support the refugees from Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.

During our last unit of inquiry, “To buy or not to buy”, an inquiry into how we organize ourselves, the students formed business groups who created products that were sold to the school community. With their car wash, bar, bake sale and talent show, the students from Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 raised over 500 Euro. That money was donated to this charity.

Their visit today made the connections between our actions during the last unit of inquiry, our current actions, and the ideas we explored during this unit very clear to the children. They were inspired and curious.

Comments afterwards in my class were very positive:

“I thought that what I did was not that important, but now I know I can make a real difference. I feel proud of myself.”

That was my favorite comment and so spot on. A lot of the kids felt that way!

After the visit we sat together and talked about the unit of inquiry. We reflected on it using Two Stars and a Wish (optional). It is very obvious that a lot of the students were really keen on the use of technology in this unit. Some were so unsure of the internet before, and really liked exploring the options that were given to them. They confidently talked about the work they did!

Also popular choices were the exploration of the right to identity and the right to be myself. The students did enjoy a lot of self-exploration, but I know we were close to transcending the borders to the transdisciplinary theme “Who we are” there.

I need to find a way to keep the technology integrated as heavily. I am extremely tempted to set up a Ning for the class, and to use it as a way to communicate and share some work. I might just do that.

Then the students prepared for their end-of-unit presentation, where they share their learning with their friends and families. It was a nice, quiet afternoon and now we are off for half-term! Time to relax!


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