It is that time of the unit again. Reflection time. While we have been reflecting throughout, I wanted to put my final thoughts on here.

WIS 3 and 4 inquired into sharing the planet, and looked at the central idea “Children worldwide have a variety of rights and responsibilities”.

It was to be a challenging unit, as we moved it from Who We Are to Sharing the Planet, and the resources and ideas changed considerably. However, the planning stages made us teacher positively surprised. There were so many useful resources for so many different developmental stages. As we teach this unit as part of our “replacement Cycle C”, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are covering the same units of inquiry. This is often a challenge, and our inquiries were quite different.

As we started off, the students were really engaged. Much more so than I have seen in previous similar units.

The added component to this unit was the use of technology. I have to admit that our school is quite behind when it comes to technology and only having a laptop per class is really quite limiting. But I took the plunge. During this unit we used:

  • A wiki (and created one)
  • Google Docs
  • A blog (and posted in our own one)
  • Flickr

and I even got to introduce the idea of creative commons. This was a lot and today the students, after individually viewing each others and giving each other feedback, presented their Wikis to each other. We talked about the criteria we had established, self-assessed our work and gave constructive feedbacks. It was a great, reflection-based day!

As I am compiling my own reflections on the unit, I think I will sign off this, and I will need the input of many other individuals.

What a great unit though!


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