Assembly time!

Yesterday was WIS 3and4’s big day! It was our RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES assembly.

Personally, I was not so sure about the choice of this unit of inquiry for our assembly, but I had to make room for newer teachers’ choices.
But once I started my research on this unit, I knew it was a great choice. Such a well-resourced concept! Great! In the end, the ideas I had about assemblies were easily overruled by the ideas the students had.

Truly inspired by Greg Mortenson, responsible for “Three Cups of Tea” and “Listen to the Wind”, the kids chose to write their own script for “Listen to the Wind”. I knew they really loved the story and I was very impressed how they all collaboratively worked on the script using Google Docs.

They independently arranged their props, we made some nice backdrops for the performance and when one of the students found out about the song “Three Cups of Tea”, it was instantly decided to add this to the assembly.

Drama, as a discipline, is a more or less untouched field for a teacher from Germany. But I was a theatre student in my primary and secondary education, and I know very well what was important. We did a lot of thinking about our own characters. We introduced ourselves to others, drew our own self-portraits and described each other’s traits.

Yesterday was great. Despite last minute changes to room and timings, we did well! Well, the boys and girls in my class did!


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