Team Building

Through this unit of inquiry, but also through the introduction of rotations, there has been an interesting grouping development in my class. There seem to be really unusual groups that formed naturally through a shared interest in the unit of inquiry, that spread way beyond this: maths, other investigations, and even PLAY TIME!

I am observing this with real curiosity! I love it, to be honest. I find the class has been perfect at finding its own internal balance without my interference.

Today we build up team working skills by a challenging task: connecting paper clips with only a pencil each and no talking! One of the girls who is usually quiet and shy and not confident at all, and who fits into the above story, she was a star!



One thought on “Team Building

  1. There is a bi fcus in our early childhood center on community building, from the nursery up to grade two. I was a bit skeptical about taking time out of every day to do activities around the topic, but you can really see the difference! My favorite thing is when I group children together who do not normally choose each other as playmates (which is how I often do my groupings!) and you see the children create a relationship. The school uses the “tribes” program, and in the preschool we do some modified activities based on the tribes activities. (

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