Inspired by this blog post on Sam’s Workshop, I introduced rotations to the day this morning. I waited until all the children were there, and quickly gave an overview of the concept in the morning circle.

It gave me an opportunity to observe behaviour at the math-based task… what do children remember about fractions? Great pre-assessment for our upcoming investigation.

There was a small writing task, just to edit and finish off our newspaper articles. Things that usually take up more time.

What I have to work on though is making sure students actually rotate!

It was popular, and my students wanted to do rotations again during our independent work time.

Now I need to get ready for tomorrow. We are having a non-uniform day and will collect donations at the door for the UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal.


2 thoughts on “Rotations

  1. Morning!

    I’m glad to hear that rotations has been a success with your class.

    I used a bell to signal that it was time to rotate, but my students now manage their time and rotate at the right time without a signal. They have had to learn this skill over a period of months! Our time-frame helps us – we start at 7:30am and do three rotations, so the timing is easy:


    What age are your kids? Have you got a class Blog?

    Sam Sherratt

  2. Hi Sam,

    The kids in my class are 8-9 year-olds (mixed Grade 3/4)- We have a class blog at

    I saw your class blog. I will introduce it to the kids in a few days, so they can visit it from time to time. We have limited technology resources here, so I am trying very hard to get them all up to speed.

    And wow, you start early! We do not start the day until 9 am. The earliest children come in at 8.40 am, but we go on until 4 pm/3.40 pm.

    Today we rotated so well! I will post about it in a minute…

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