School Visits

Getting to visit schools is great. Today I was a visitor at the International School of Modena, along with my colleagues Serena (Music/Italian) and Dania (Italian).

I met up with Jane from Modena mainly to discuss plans about a PYP Network, which was VERY productive. The details will follow soon.

I also visited classrooms, saw an amazing planning meeting and had a generally great time.

Serena and Dania also enjoyed themselves. They have learned a lot, and they have many new ideas now too.

Well, more to come but just wanted to post this. In the next few months, I think I might be visiting quite a few schools.


One thought on “School Visits

  1. HI
    i think we really are rowing the same boat coz even i have been visiting schools and learning so many new things. ven i am planning to start a PYP network in western India as there are strong networks in southern part but not much in the aprt where we are.

    Do you know about India because i really don’t know much about Italy mostly what i have read. Hey can we design a unit on this maybe next academic year or some other collaborating activity.

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