Reporting Season

I know I have been talking about this for some time. But I am finally done.

Writing reports is something that I find difficult. If I wrote every single one a week apart, I think that wouldn’t be the case. But there has to be some sort of uniformity, and then sometimes you get too uniform. Some children you have a lot to say about, others nothing. Some of them you want to tell to keep it up, others to change as soon as possible (for your own sake!).

But it is over now, I am happy with them and all of them address similar things! So not bad.

What did I learn from this exercise? A LOT! You get to reflect on each child and then you see them in school and you notice change already, or you might question what you wrote. But one thing I noticed in particular: The way we document some things…. and the way it lacks with others. Let me explain:
The first two units of inquiry we taught were class-bound, more or less. We taught the same unit in two classes, but each class teacher took control in their own class. Those I documented well, I have observations, anecdotal notes and most importantly, a very good memory too.
The third unit was a collaboration. Year 3/4 collaborated with Year 5/6. They split into three mixed groups and so my documenting chaos began. The observations were very vague, the memories often of children not from my class. All in all, we could have worked a lot better on the recording part in that unit.

But you learn… and I am glad I saw it now. I need to add it to my unit planner and move on from there.

Happy Being-done-with-Reports Day to me then 🙂


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