Time flies….

It’s been a good start to the new year and the kids have all settled back in now. We are back into full swing.

The worrying thing is that I have not made any progression on the reports, but being back in school has given me more food for thought, so this is a good thing. I have seen their work again with my own eyes, heard their questions and wondering and it has been great. Amazing what we can forget over just a short break.

A worrying question though was “Why don’t we ever sit a test?”, AND “Can we have spelling tests?” AND the statement that “the work I do every day with my mum is harder”!
Why is it that parents feel the need to do work at home with their kids at a year level higher than they actually are. All parents have just recently commented on how happy they are and how confident they are in the programme. So they do extra work? Are they so afraid of pending moves abroad / to a different country?
I admit, this frustrates me. The same as the question about testing! We don’t do tests in the traditional sense, we don’t have grades. We assess! And we assess for learning…. formative assessment is the best way to inform my teaching and learning.  Summative assessment, which we use too, is still not testing and sitting an exam, but more authentic….

I can tell I’m rambling, so I will put the thoughts to bed and rest now. I hope you are all well!


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