Back to school

The first day back is over and it started, like every first day started with me since I was little: Little sleep! As a result, I’m now tired and yawning, but I still think we had a nice day.

I am leaving the reports for the weekend! I think I am in a better state to tackle them then! I think a glass of wine would be much more suitable now!

Just realized I have to edit this! Forgot to mention something…

At the end of the day we did a 2 stars and a wish session. Children had to mention one thing they liked, one thing they learned and one thing they could/should do better.
There were some nice ones in the “things I liked” section:

  • coming back to seeing my friends and teacher
  • first day of school, because I see everyone
  • being back with the people I like

I liked that! One of them mentioned they liked the cookies I brought in, which was also nice! But honestly, it is nice to know they love being at school!

In the morning circle one of the kids in my class said “I thought it would be nice to have a break from school, but then I realized it just wasn’t”. I had a good break from school, but I missed it too!


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