Quiet times

I have been quiet, but not because I have nothing to talk about. I have been writing reports instead. This year, we have finally moved away from objective-grading (Beginning, Often, Always) to comment-only reports.

The first report is always the hardest to write. It includes the “to use for all” statements about the units of inquiry, central ideas in Maths and Language that were not integrated.

I have also started to refer to the new PYP Scope and Sequence phases in the reports, pointing to the phases at which a particular child is working. It seems like a useful thing to do, and it also focuses my work and writing. However, the reports are still long! What is better, I ask myself? Detail or conciseness? Is my language accessible enough?

As a result, I have only written one report so far! Not quite happy with it yet, but it will set the standard and will make the next reports much easier to look at and write.

Tomorrow we are heading back from Germany to Italy, via an overnight stay in Beckenried, Switzerland. I look forward to that!

Thursday we start school again! I am excited about it, more so than ever now. I will start the first few days with some portfolio focus work and can’t wait to then get started with the new unit of inquiry into Rights and Responsibilities. I have my resources sorted, I have my technology sorted, I got my ibook to work again, so we even have another extra computer in class.

Other than that, I hope you all had a smooth start to the new year, and continue to have a wonderful time 🙂


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