Technology in Schools: Tools and Apps

Furthermore to my post yesterday, I will continue my discussion on technology in schools by looking at applications and tools that are available to us.

One of the things that is changing right now is our school website. Once that is done, I might even post a link to it here. Until then, lets say that it needs an upgrade which is currently underway.

The only other web presence of our school is My Class Blog. I started it at the beginning of the school year to communicate better with parents and to share what is happening in the classroom. Right now I am designing a unit of inquiry that will get the children involved in the blog as well.
So far, I am the only one at the school to have a class blog. I am not sure if any of the other teachers have a professional or personal blog. This is something we could work on in professional development, because there is certainly a need for teachers to know the web and its possibilities.

So, blogs are one way to communicate. I also tend to use Ning, Facebook, Twitter, and just signed up to  Diigo to save my bookmarks as I go along. Another application I have signed up with, but not used to its fullest is Netvibes. When I came across this wonderful Netvibe by Copenhagen International School, I could see how well it would suit the purpose of sharing learning and communicating within the school community. What an excellent example of networking. The PYP Threads Netvibe is also exemplary of networking.

Wikispaces is well known and something I am going to explore in my next Unit of Inquiry. I want the children to create their own wiki and then possibly use it as a tool for collaboration with either another school, or the other class doing the same  unit of inquiry.

There is a lot out there, I am not here to review all the possibilities for education. I am just here to reflect on my own practice and to share.
What do you use with your class or in your school? What has been effective, what has been problematic and what would you like to see developed?


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