Technology in Schools: Hardware

Our school has a long way to go when it comes to technology. The current state is quite sorry, but we are aware of it and we are working on it. The school has grown considerably from 15 to 60 students in just 4 years and now we are looking to move into better facilities and to be IB authorized.

As part of this, I have taken it on myself to make sure we upgrade our technology. Preferably I would like my role to shift into that direction as well, in the future, because I can see the need. After all, right now I am PYP Coordinator and Classroom teacher and I am being called in for any sort of technological disaster. Self-fulfilling prophecy maybe! After all, I did complete my degree in LEARNING, technology and RESEARCH. While learning and research are part of my job already, technology has not been too prominent.

Anyway, the current state is: Each class has one laptop available, with two floating laptops (library laptops). Those are the classes: 3-4 year-olds (14 students), 5-6 year-olds (17 students), 8-9 year-olds (11 students) and 10-12 year olds (14 students).

We have one Flip camcorder and one digital camera (although I tend to bring in my own, and so do other teachers). We also have one data projector and screen. That is not a lot. We know that.

In hardware we have been considering:

  • Students aged 7 and up will have their own laptop. They will be able to take it home, and access the school network this way. We were considering small netbooks, to keep costs and weight down.
  • The classes 3/4 and 5/6 year olds will have more laptops. How many is good? Depends on our future space. I am inclined to say one or two per class for the youngest ones are definitely enough. The 5 and 6 year olds could do with about 1 for every four children.
  • Every class will have a flip. This is not ideal yet, but we are working on it. The flip should be accessible for all students.
  • Every class will have a digital camera.

The library, that is a different story and will require a lot more research on our part. If I had my way, we would have PCs and MACs in the library, just so that multi-platform working is already promoted.

What about your school? Your opinion! I would like to know what hardware a school could use to make sure that technology is authentically integrated! Can you share any links or your school pictures?


3 thoughts on “Technology in Schools: Hardware

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  2. I think that schools are feeling the technology pressure in a big way right now, and each school has to respond to it in the way that best serves their community. In our program, we are a bit overly technical, I think, but I’m not the boss! Every child from third grade up has a laptop, but only the 7th graders and older can bring theirs home. Every class has a digital camera that takes video, and we will share flip cameras next year. We have 12 laptops to share between the two preschool classes, but we use two at a time, and usually only once a week.

    This is an interesting topic!

    • Allie, thanks for your comment. I agree this is an interesting topic and I feel that discussions at school are needed before we move forward with anything. In the PYP Thread NING I have had an amazing response from Kathy E., which I shall repost here at one point. Many questions to consider when thinking about technology.
      At the moment we are such a small school, everything is handled quite easily, but as we grow, we need to respond to the needs of a much bigger student population.

      Do the third graders buy their own laptops and leave them in school? How are they insured? What happens if one breaks?

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