Sharing the planet: Rights and responsibilities

One unit down and my mind is ready for the next unit. This one is a Sharing the planet unit, the central idea is “Children worldwide have a variety of rights and responsibilities”. The lines of inquiry are broad:

  • Different children’s rights and responsibilities
  • Ways in which individuals, organizations and nations work to help children

I like this, as the original ones (we reviewed it last summer) were more teacher questions than lines of inquiry.

What I have in mind for the general scope of this unit of inquiry is:

  • Technology: Creating a class wiki (I am thinking of this as a tool of collaboration between the two classrooms, as the classes will not collaborate this time and I assume the unit may move into different directions altogether)
  • Drama: I have done too little drama so far this year, I think this will lend itself to a lot of role play as well.
  • Language: I am still considering texts (fiction) that relate to this concept, and would like to get a text set for the class. I don’t want to do a book study or anything, but as an independent way for them to engage in the literature collaboratively. I hope the Anne Frank group will influence that.
  • Language: Debating and speeches

Those are the things I have had in mind so far. I hope for more to pop up! Looking forward to this unit.


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