Day 8 (Friday)

Fridays are currently a very special day at the school, as Reception-Year 6 spend the mornings going to swimming and athletics in Pisa. That means that we only have the afternoon slot for teaching, which is also shorter than usual, as lunch and garden time get delayed by about 30 min.

Our plan for the day was for the groups to start their marketing campaign, to make group decisions and to think about the central idea and lines of inquiry as part of their campaign.
As the activities and businesses are taking over, I find it becomes more and more important to link back and reflect on the connection to the central idea and lines of inquiry. I created a work sheet for the students to use as a guide for their campaign, based on the actual lines of inquiry:

  • Purpose of your marketing
  • The marketing strategies and techniques you used (and why)
  • The responses to your marketing (as a reflection at the end).

This gave the students more focus when faced with the task to market their business. We were very impressed with the choices to stick to posters and flyers instead of tv spots, etc. as the time is limited.

The groups identified what needed to be marketed, what information should go on what and created first posters to be looked at by their whole group.

I worked closely with the talent show, who had to market two things: the talent show for potential participants, and the talent show for the audience.

It worked well and most groups have created logos, used the featured that make posters stand out, persuasive language and appropriate information.

On Monday we hope to continue this in the afternoon with the Italian teacher as well, as our advertisements should reach the whole school community.


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