Day 7 (Thursday)

Let me start off with the homework. The students were given three research questions as part of a small market research opportunity. This tied in nicely with some Math objectives, as you will be able to see.

  • How much would you expect to pay for a car wash?
  • What do you consider a good deal for a piece of cake and a drink?
  • Would you participate in a Talent Show?

The students had all asked either one or both of their parents and we had a good turn out. It was amazing how varied the responses to questions 1 and 2 were, but it gave us an opportunity to look at the Range, Mode, Mean and Median of the results, and to decide which one of them will help us to identify a suitable price. We made a suggestion to share with the other group on both those questions. We also presented the findings as:

  • a tally chart, and
  • a bar graph

The other question was simple. We had an overwhelming majority of people who said no. We thought of ways to present the data visually, and a bar graph was made. Someone mentioned a pie chart, so we (heavily guided) converted the numbers into percentage and showed it in a pie chart.

Then we had to share the findings with the other class and the groups had to use the data to inform their choices about their businesses.

As they split up into their groups, we guided the groups in refining their business plans. We had created a guiding worksheet/checklist for the session as well, to make sure that all those things would be in place. Goals for the lesson were:

  • to decide on a place and time for the business to be “open”
  • to decide on roles in the business (re-defined)
  • to decide on resources needed

The process took some time, as group-working skills, communication skills and organizational skills were developed.

In the afternoon, I worked with my class on defining marketing in more detail (again). A lot of the time the difference between marketing and advertising becomes blurry. We created another (wonderful) mind map (unfortunately on the whiteboard) and we looked at the samples of advertising and marketing the students had brought in over the last few weeks. We looked at logos, fonts, layout and the language of the advertisements. We identified the strategies used (buy one, get one free; circus only 6 Euros (without knowing the original price); happy hour, etc). As we reached the end, the students worked on initial ideas for their marketing campaign.


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