Day 6 (Wednesday)

The students from both classes (Year 3/4 and Year 5/6) came together to present their business ideas to each other and to persuade the other people why their idea is the one to go for. We had to choose four viable business ideas to pursue during the rest of the inquiry.

The different groups presented their arguments, the others questioned them, asking about their intentions, plans and they were very critical. We had to be realistic, after all.

The ideas presented were:

– Talent Show
– Car Wash
– Bake Sale
– Bar/Café
– Who wants to be a millionaire
– Comic Books
– Charity (although during the discussion they made it clear they wanted the profits to go to that charity and not be seen as a separate business)
– Christmas Decorations
– Theater Group
– Art Shop

After many discussions in groups, pairs, a lot of thinking and questions, the choices were narrowed down to:

  • Bake Sale
  • Bar (the Bake Sale and Bar would function together but as separate businesses)
  • Car Wash (they actually got permission from the Head for this as well!)
  • Talent Show

The process to decide was long, then the students had to choose the business they wanted to work in, which also took some time, as the groups had to be -more or less- equal in size. We later reflected on the process and noticed that we could have interfered with some of the groups:

  • One group consists of boys from Year 5/6 only
  • Bake Sale is only Boys
  • Bar is only Girls

But on the other hand, the groups work fine so far, so student choice may have worked best here.

After deciding on their business, the students went into their groups to answer the questions about the How, What, When, Who, etc about their business. They created spider diagram, and some groups went as far as deciding on roles (first ideas), shopping lists and dates.

The groups finally split up, with no consolidation phase, as us teachers wanted to review their work together in the afternoon.

Talk at lunch time, in the garden and the corridor has been about the businesses. The classes are absolutely thrilled and feedback during the current teacher-parent conferences show that the students take this very seriously and talk about it a lot at home.


During our collaborative planning time, we (the teachers) reviewed the spider diagrams, which serve as the first draft of the business plan. It became very apparent that some issues needed to be addressed. Students had to re-define their roles, as there are two stages to every business: the preparation, and the actual “going live” phase.

The Bake Sale and Bar had to work closer together, as some of their products overlapped and the Talent Show wanted to rather participate than prepare and run it. We wrote some suggestions onto all their plans for the next day.

As homework, the students had to do some Market Research in order to inform some of their business decisions.

They got three research questions to ask at home. I will report on that as part of Day 7.



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