Day 5

Our inquiry continued today. First of all, the morning message asked for words in Italian, English and other languages that relate to the inquiry. I love how enthusiastic the students get with those things.

A reflection during the morning circle on how the kids liked the Italian Inquiry session showed good responses and it helped the understanding of some children in class.

We continued the morning sharing some persuasive argument samples the students collected at home. Apart from two, all were advertisements. I liked the exceptions: One was a picture of the Berlin wall being torn down literally by hands, and the student said the persuasive argument was that all people should be free. Her other example was the Anne Frank diary (all people should be treated equally). Great thinking outside the box.

After talking about some key elements of persuasive arguments, the students split into groups to consider business ideas (brainstorm), followed by an evaluation (viable? realistic?) and pros and cons of the ideas.

Then we chose 4 main ideas and, again, in groups, the students created a persuasive speech about their idea, which they will present in the other class tomorrow.

Our collaborative planning session this afternoon was so good, we got a 25 Euro starting budget for every student business and tomorrow we will:

– share the business ideas amongst the two classes

– questioning

– decide on viable, realistic business ideas

– arrange the student groups

– create initial business plans


I am excited.


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